At Grey not Grey, we understand

… even if you can't put it into words.

The story behind the name "Grey not Grey" is that one of our clients was trying to describe the colour scheme they had in mind & said, "I want something that's grey, but not "grey" — do you know what I mean?"
We do.


User interface, user experience & web development

When we started out back in 2000, the internet was still excitingly new, but had very few features.
A single webmaster really could do everything. Now we have a seemingly infinite array of devices, platforms, and online environments.

This kind of diversity allows endless possibilities, but also requires specialization — we specialize in designing look, feel, and interactivity. Our technical goal in creating digital properties is to take advantage of current best practices, while being future-friendly and backwards-compatible.


Print, branding, & logo design

There's more to your identity than just a name. It's the same for a business, product, or service.

We draw from our wide knowledge and experience to create work that references the best of contemporary and classic styles, with a fresh, original approach.


Original visual design and illustration

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Original graphics set you apart from everyone else.
Nobody wants to settle for the same-old-same-old, and you don't have to.

We do adaptable, original work for digital and print in any style, designed just for you — and your audience.

Contact Us

Grey not Grey is based in Montreal, Canada.

Questions or comments? You can email us & we will get back to you shortly — thanks for your visit.

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