Juxtapoz Magazine Reader Art on Pinterest

By now most of you have probably heard of Pinterest, the relatively new social media platform that, as they say, “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web”.

Many art magazines have a presence on Pinterest, including Juxtapoz Magazine. Juxtapoz has a quite dedicated web presence, including all the social media outlets one would expect – but also their own forums. Within these forums, there is a Reader Art forum that has a lot of excellent work, but it takes some digging going through post by post. Some of it is selected for publication, and what they choose is showcased here but while an extensive and informative selection, it represents many pages and a lot of clicking.

Fortunately for the impatient amongst us,  Juxtapoz has a board on Pinterest that showcases some of the best Reader Art, which they regularly update. Some names you may recognize as established artists and illustrators, others are more of the “fresh blood” variety – it’s worth checking out as there is a lot of excellent work showcased on the Juxtapoz Reader Art Pinterest board.

Here’s a very few examples of the many delights that await:


Source: Juxtapoz on Pinterest