Fumi Mini Nakamura

I was checking out the often wonderful site booooooom today and I suddenly realized, “Holy cow! Fumi Mini Nakamura is awesome!” Nakamura works in a few different styles, all of which are excitingly cute yet unsettling, which is really a great combination. The titles she gives her pieces are also playfully profound, and really, giving your work good titles is an increasingly lost art so I salute her perseverance in that regard.

Nakamura was born in a small town in Japan in 1984, moved to California when she was 12, and is currently living and working in NYC. Her work has been in magazines, used in garment & textile design, and Nakamura has shown in numerous art exhibitions. Her portfolio site, miniaturemouse has a metric heckload of her work on display, so if you like what you see here do check it out – you won’t be disappointed.