The Moleskine Project II

I was perusing Juxtapoz as I often do, and noticed an article on a show currently on exhibit at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco – The Moleskine Project II.

Alex R Kizhner - the Moleskine Project II

Alex R Kizhner

Moleskine is a brand of sketchbooks (and a whole range of “design objects” as their marketing team describes it) that are quite popular as they travel well, have a nifty elastic to keep them closed, have a stitched binding so they hold up well, come in different paper qualities  & sizes, blank, lined, or grid, and even have a handy sewn-in woven bookmark. A lot of people use them, anyhow, myself included – so basically the Moleskine Project II is a show of pages from various artists’ sketchbooks.

Tran Nguyen - the Moleskine Project II

Tran Nguyen

I actually had this show on my radar  as I recently wrote about one of the contributors, Jeremy Enecio, and he mentioned this show on his blog. His work flipped my wig so when I saw Juxtapoz writing about the show I figured chances were pretty good that there would be a pile of really good sketchbook work on display. I was not disappointed.

So Youn Lee - the Moleskine Project II

So Youn Lee

There’s something charming about looking at another artist’s sketchbook. Whether they go in for completed pieces or a more sketchy approach, there’s a jewel-like charm to these small, personal works. There’s also a voyeuristic charm in seeing what is essentially an artist’s private notes, almost like reading someone else’s diary.

Jeremy Enecio - The Moleskine Project II

Jeremy Enecio

So there you go – if you’re in San Francisco between now and the 29th, check out the show. If not, you can check out pieces from the show on Spoke Art Gallery’s website.  If you’re inspired, you can always get a Moleskine Sketchbook for yourself.