Oh! Daddy – a Crowdsourced Anthology of Erotic Art and Writing

A friend of mine, Aaron Morgan, has been putting together crowdsourced art books for some time now. His latest venture is Oh! Daddy – a collection of erotic art and writing, featuring the art and writing of 20+ people from all over the place. Aaron invited me to contribute, and the images below are the 2 pieces by me that will appear in the final edition. For the first one I was taking a photomontage kind of route, rocking my photoshop skillzorz, thinking about voyeurism as a theme.

Ian Rogers - Wunderkammer

Ian Rogers – Wunderkammer

For the second one, I turned to drawing (in illustrator this time), thinking about how erotic fixation can be a thematic thing that lends itself towards a collage-like approach.

Ian Rogers - Eros & Thanatos

Ian Rogers – Eros & Thanatos

The thing I like about crowdsourcing conceptually is that it’s an obvious development on the independently published zine format, allowing creatives the ability to access forms of publishing historically only available to commercial publishing by getting the funding up front. Beyond that of course is that a wider public can be reached by independent art workers via the magic of the interwebs, so whether you’re in Seattle like Aaron or in Montreal like me, you can get together with like-minded people and create some really interesting work.

Support independent artists, reserve an advance copy of Oh! Daddy – a collection of erotic art and writing today …there are also lots of very cool perks for different donation tiers, so check it out.