Nude Painting of Canada’s PM has Some Folks in a Tizzy

There’s been some buzz in the air as of late up here in Soviet Canuckistan; it seems that nudity is still “a thing”. Granted, it’s a nude painting of the Prime Minister riffing off the whole “Emperor has no clothes” thing in a reclining pose invoking classical nude studies… but it’s rather quaint that people would bother to get worked up about it in this day and age to the extent that our national broadcaster, the CBC, bothers to repeat the story. Granted there appears to be more titillation than shock. The only person really upset seems to be the artist, all steamed up about censorship – apparently her work is on display at a local library and they take it down or cover it up when the space it is displayed in is used for children’s activities. The horror.

Margaret Sutehrland - Emperor Haute Couture (detail)

Margaret Sutherland – Emperor Haute Couture (detail)

In any case, congratulations to artist Margaret Sutherland (links to nudity, of course) for generating this much buzz with such an old chestnut. I must say, Harper is portrayed as more of a daddy bear than I would have imagined but that’s what makes it art, I suppose.