Peter Ferguson –

Hey, Seattle area folks – Peter Ferguson is having a new show in December, at Kirsten Anderson’s new art space!

Via Peter’s Facebook page:
I just wanted to tell you about my new show !
It’s called ” I Will Line My Nest With Your Bones ” with 6 new paintings , and I’m proud that it’s at the opening of Kirsten Anderson’s new surrealist decor space , Creatura House . It’s in the Pikey area of Seattle, which I hear the young people think is pretty rad.
I’m so glad ( and so are you ) that Kirsten has come back to the art world . We missed you !!! 16 months may not seem like a long time to aSouthern Right Whale , but is an eternity if you’ve been locked in an abandoned refrigerator with no food or water, or even comic books .
There’s also going to be ” a line of evening bags from Jordan Christianson ( Yay ! ) of Jonquil & Mr Black, crystal necklaces by artist Debra Baxter and an animal-centric range of flocked trophy sculptures by design collective Electric Coffin.”
It opens Dec. 15th . I’m not saying you have to be there. Just that I’ll know if you weren’t , which I shall write down on my little clipboard.

Here’s a taster of his new work – looks incredible, as always.

Peter Ferguson