HUGE Roy Lichtenstein retrospective in Chicago

Hey, Roy Lichtenstein fans! Planning a trip to the windy city (and I don’t mean Winnipeg) in the near future? Well, you’re in luck because there is a HUGE retrospective at the Art Institute May 22 to Sept. 3.

Over 160 drawings, paintings, and sculptures are included in the exhibition, which explores the evolution of (Lichtenstein’s) practice from abstractionist to refined avant-garde painter of “Bratatats,” “Varooms,” “Whaams,” and many wild-haired women with their dryly witty thought bubbles. Visitors will have a chance to dissect his characteristic Ben-Day dotted style, as the exhibition attempts to expose Lichtenstein as a true formalist master.

If you’d like to learn more about why Lichtenstein is such a big deal and why you should care (and you should, really) , you can read the rest of the article that quote is from: WHAAM! Obsessive-Compulsive Pop Artist Roy Lichtensteins Biggest-Ever Retrospective Hits Chicago | Artinfo.

It’s actually pretty interesting to see Lichtenstein’s work in retrospective format – we’re all used to the iconic images of teen romance comic books and soforth but when you consider his work within its conceptual framework you can see that he’s really performing a very witty act of deconstruction, poking fun at conventions of modernism while employing the same modernist tactics at a very high conceptual level. There’s something charmingly anarchic about that. If you get I chance I recommend you check out the show.

Roy Lichtenstein - Tintin Reading (1993)I don’t know if this piece will be on display but it’s my favourite so I’m going to include it here just because I want to. I’m particularly fond of his take on Matisse, in the background.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and probably won’t be able to swing a trip to Chicago, you can always spend some time checking out the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation (warning: Flash site) or browse through some of his work.