Jason d’Aquino

Ever notice how people that like to draw are incessantly doodling on whatever’s at hand – paper napkins, beer coasters, scraps of paper, even matchbooks? Well, Jason D’Aquino brings that to a whole new level. He creates tiny drawings on repurposed paper ephemera, mostly matchbooks. There is an undeniable charm to miniatures, and these wee gems are no exception.

Jason D'Aquino

Apparently D’Aquino gets his materials from estate sales, flea markets and outdoor sales, or simply finds them in places like abandoned buildings. He works from his tattoo shop in Buffalo NY; Blue Moon Tattoo. Hi-Fructose notes that “The miniaturist Jason D’Aquino’s new “Phillumeny” show is opening Friday, June 1st at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.”

If you’d like to see more of D’Aquino’s work and don’t think you can make it to Los Angeles to check out his upcoming show, you can check out his website (warning: flash) or you can peruse the many examples included with this article on inhabitat.com.