Gary Taxali

Born in India, raised in Canada, famous all over the place: Gary Taxali. He’s won a Grammy, and his work has been in Time, Newsweek, and Fortune. He’s even designed a series of quarters for Canada’s national mint. One of the most recognizable illustrator/ artists out there, Taxali has repurposed the look and feel of Great Depression-era styles like Nancy or the original Bazooka Joe comic strips and turned it into a personal iconography that quite simply just works. Faux nostalgia filtered through a quirky sense of humour? Sure, that sounds about right.

Taxali has a new show on at The Outsiders in London for another week, “My Feelings Like You” :

Gary celebrates the everyday, reminding the viewer that they can find elegance in the simplest matters. “I just want people to appreciate the banal: things that are accidentally beautiful,” he says. Gary’s graphic and textured works use oils and a variety of techniques including screenprinting, drawing and inks, often on found media and used surfaces. In My Feelings Like You there’ll be a mixture of medias and collage on old book covers and paintings, in varying sizes including his largest pieces yet at 152 x 203 cm.
– from The Outsiders

If you aren’t planning on being in dear old Blighty before the 9th, you can always check out Taxali’s  Drawger blog or his personal website for more information and (lots more) imagery.