Post Roundup – the Book of Faces Edition

I know that a lot of the people that follow Grey not Grey on Facebook will come to this blog to read these fine quality posts. Not all of my blog regulars might be aware that I often post things to the Book of Faces that I don’t post here, though.  And then of course there’s the regular posts of the best of my recent Comment Spam Poetry which ironically come from the comment filters on the blog but I only post on the Book of Faces. Okay, that’s not really irony but in this post-Alanis world who knows what’s right or wrong any more?

As a taster for those of you that haven’t yet visited the Grey not Grey Facebook page, here’s a selection of some of the posts from the last couple of weeks:

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September 10 

What’s that? Peter Ferguson is in the Blab! Show this year? Awesome! The piece he’s included is “Governess Undone”, 17×16 inches of sweet oil on wood action.

Peter Ferguson - Governess Undone

Peter Ferguson – Governess Undone


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September 6

“Too many people think graphic design is not a specialty, but something anyone can do, because the tools to make decent-looking Web pages, newsletters, books, and the like are readily available. But design isn’t putting stuff on a page. It’s about solving visual problems through an iterative process of decisionmaking, which may involve consultation, or may happen in private. If you can’t master that process, you can’t work in the field. No one will hire you because your work looks obviously bad to any trained eye, and is interpreted poorly by any untrained eye.”

Marissa Mayer is not a graphic designer. This is abundantly clear. She is an extraordinarily capable technologist, engineer, and executive, and she has made an enormous number of difficult decisions since taking over …
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September 5

Artnet is a great resource in general, but I just today found out that they post the top 300 searches on their site each month. It’s kind of interesting to see what artists are trending, but more importantly, it’s a great way to learn more about artists you may not be familiar with. I admit I din’t recognize at least half the names on the August list – I now have a whole pile of new-to-me artists whose work I like.

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August 28

the Beauty of Decay – Juan Atkins, one of the originators of techno, talks about taking inspiration from postindustrial landscapes. Click the image below to watch on vimeo.

jaun atkins - the beauty of decay

via Hyperallergic

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So there you go, a taster of the splendours that await those that follow me on the Book of Faces.

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Since I know everyone has been wondering about this Comment Spam Poetry business, here’s a good one from August 30:

FAG Deep Groove Ball Bearings

It really is the basis for all devices along with the required product in the contemporary culture.
Usually the sequence is white, yellow, and then orange or blue.
However I do not love (or for that matter can afford) to spend too much money on
looking good.

Because with 17 women for every single 1 man, as being a woman, you had better be willing to create your A-game whatsoever times