Speed Painting: Théatre ESPACE GO Mural, Montreal

There’s a lot of mural art in Montreal, and two of the biggest outfits are MU and EN MASSE (both links French only). There’s also a very cool theatre, Théatre ESPACE GO that was having trouble with graffiti on the front of the building, especially around the loading dock – so they held a competition and 10 artists from EN MASSE and MU got together to transfrom the loading dock into the “Quai des Arts”.

Théatre ESPACE GO - Quai des Arts - Montreal, Canada

Théatre ESPACE GO - Quai des ARTS - Photo by Gabriel Tremblay

Here is a really excellent video of the mural in progress – it’s in French, but is a quite enjoyable to watch whether you understand the language or not. It’s pretty amazing to see such an ambitious piece come together like this.

The work of both MU and EN MASSE can be seen all over Montreal.