Jeremy Enecio

Jeremy Enecio is a Phillipines-born, NY-based illustrator, represented by Levy Creative Management. Enecio’s rich imagination is complemented by incredible rendering skill. He’s done a lot of work for an impressive roster of clients, in a variety of media including digital and traditional painting and drawing, doing concept art, character design, and editorial illustration. To call him diverse is something of an understatement.

Jeremy Enecio - the Changeling

The Changeling | acrylic and watercolor on paper | 16 x 20
From an Icelandic folk tale called The Father of Eighteen Elves.

Although I’ve been seeing Enecio’s work floating around the interwebs for some years now, I was visiting  exhibition-ism yesterday (one of my favourite blogs) and they had posted a bunch of recent work by Enecio that is truly stellar. I followed the links to his portfolio website and from there ended up on his blog, where I saw a digital illustration piece he describes as “something I’ve been playing with on and off for a while now, mainly to exercise my concepting muscle.” Oh, is that all? More like Oh. Em. Gee.

Jeremy Enecio - groupshot

groupshot – click to see uncropped and  larger

This is just nuts. Here’s a couple of details.

Jeremy Enecio - groupshot detail (1)

Just playing around.

Jeremy Enecio - groupshot detail (2)

Consider me blown away. Not convinced yet? OK, here’s a page from his sketchbook.

Jeremy Enecio - Moleskine

More of Enecio’s amazing work can be seen on his portfolio website or his blog.