Jarek Puczel

Jarek Puczel (Jarosław Puczel) is a Polish painter whose take on representational realism is to bring focus to the signs and signifiers of meaning in a scene by rendering the rest of the scene as flat expanses of colour. The overall effect is oddly intense, and very evocative.

Jarek Puczel 83

(A) presented object belongs to something bigger, that determines or expresses it. Simultaneously, art form engages it in a specific game of illusion. Something belongs to the world of matter, most often a sensual element, like hair or flowers, and something is already a sign of belonging to a larger, undefined space.
Artist’s statement

Jarek Puczel 89

As the French music composer Claude Debussy once said,  “Music is the space between the notes”.
I think that also applies to Puczel’s work.